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May 28, 2024

Murph Follow Up

Congratulations to everyone who completed the Murph last week! You all trained your a$$’ off and it showed!

The Murph is a unique fitness challenge that grants us the opportunity to test what we are capable of. 

The Murph is a time to remember the sacrifice that the men and women of our military make for us to live in the greatest country in history. Thank you to all those people who serve this great nation.

It gives us a small glimpse into what struggle feels like. And gives us an even greater taste of what success and achievement is.

To all of you who completed this challenge, Oak members and alike, great work! I hope you enjoy the achievement and the work you put into this challenge. I also hope this inspires you to look beyond what you thought your body and fitness was capable of.

Quick shoutout to all the Oak Members who completed the challenge:




David B.


Tyler W.

Michael W.



Yours in strength,


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